Timeliness When Typing

Setting hours for designated writing time can sometimes cramp the flow of ideas by imposing a restrictive mentality, however ignoring the necessity of working during cognizant hours of the day or night is not only a “recipe” for disaster, but also a reason to never enter the kitchen.

Anyone who has cooked anything other than a meringue knows that if you can read you can cook; recipes are easy to follow and provide a prefect coach for the budding chef.  Just so being prepared with complied research and a well rested mind are the tools to write. If you approached your paper without research, it would be as mentally restricting as cooking without a recipe. If you approached your paper without a rested mind, it would be as comprehensive as a recipe would be to the average preschooler.

Therefore, writers must equip themselves with ravenous curiosity and regular sleep.  If a paper were thought of as a life of it’s own, a pet even, and the author cared for it on a daily basis the way they might do for a cat or dog, it would receive attention/regular hours for writing, food/research, recreation/brain-drain, and sleep. Neglecting a pet is certainly worse than neglecting a paper, but caring for a paper can be equally rewarding because it is an investment. Care for your paper by caring for yourself with timeliness and sleep.

Timeliness When Typing

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