Fluid Writing

An unanticipated problem I encountered while trying to write an information-saturated paragraph was that while I knew what my conclusions were on the general topic, I was not prepared to write fluidly on the topic because I did not have enough research to write. In hindsight my blunder seems obvious, and I was amazed that the implications of being unprepared hadn’t materialized before my eyes.

Pouring milk into a glass requires the jug to contain milk; pouring ideas onto paper requires your head to contain information.

I was frustrated that words didn’t flow from my brain through my fingers and consequently spent the time originally set apart for writing to find specific quotes from reliable sources, citing them and trying to paraphrase them into my paper as I needed them. The technical nature of the subject required a quote or paraphrase every other sentence and after failing to write my allotted paragraph in the allotted time, I abandoned that practice and began filing new quotes in an Excel document. Once I had built a reliable base from which I could draw specific information as needed, writing fairly returned to my standard flow thought.

Cheating myself out of writing fluidly by economizing on my research time quickly circled back to haunt me. To write both effectively and productively, I must approach the keyboard armed with both time and copious amount of orderly, compiled research to reference.

Fluid Writing

One thought on “Fluid Writing

  1. Dr. s. says:

    Tillie, this was very sightful. I understand the exact process you just described. Excellent to hear that you are figuring out what works for you and your writing process. Dr. S.


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