From rewriting for new purposes to insights on avoiding writer’s block

Over the past week I have edited and reformatted an experiment outline/paper on geodesic domes into a science fair presentation and accompanying lab report. While performing the experiment was both interesting and amusing, the writing by contrast was disappointing and frustrating; changing the paper from 1st person to 3rd person and refining the future tense plans into present tense instructions, I was challenged both emotionally and technically.
Technically speaking, my problem was merely making sure that every “I will do this” was reduced to “do this”. Emotionally, my challenge was resisting the urge to re-edit my paper back to it’s original form. Taking the “I will” out of my paper made it sound impersonal and unenthusiastic, perhaps the psychology of those words is the annotation to self-which we naturally protect-and the annotation to what lies ahead-which many are excited for.
After laying aside my new paper for a day I found that the revised version was less odious than it was at first. My more objective perception found it logical and straightforward and I was less bothered by the absence of the first person.
Considering the final result of the paper and the way I viewed it, perhaps in future I can skirt around writer’s block by rambling in first person.

Considering the above paragraph, perhaps I found that answer intuitively first, and now have proved it twice.

From rewriting for new purposes to insights on avoiding writer’s block

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